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| Friday, May 30, 2008

The Hong Kong showbiz representatives leaded by Andy Lau met up with Mainland China's showbiz representatives to the heavily earthquake-hit sites in Sichuan two days ago to visit the victims and soldiers. Yesterday they went to Chengdu's Bǎo Guāng Sì to attend a blessing ceremony before going to a temporary hospital to meet the visitors. In between, Andy kept console a granny whom had lost her grand-daughter to the earthquake, he promised that he would take care of her.

A total group of 20 which includes Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Joey Yung, Zhang Guoli, Chen Daoming, Ge You, representatives from TVB and ATV set off from their hotel around 8 AM yesterday to set off to Chengdu's Bǎo Guāng Sì to attend China's Buddhist Blessing Ceremony for Earthquake Victims of Wenchuan. As Sammi is Christian, she did not take part in the blessing ceremony, she only stood by the side to watch. It suddenly rained during the ceremony, crew members immediately handed out raincoats.

After staying for 30 minutes at the temple, they went to visit a factory in Mianyang , another seriously-earthquake hit area. The factory's person-in-charge brought the artistes around the factory, the workers were cleaning the area when the artistes arrived, the workers were delighted when they see Andy, Chen Daoming and Ge You as they dashed forward to shake hands with them and listen to the workers telling them of the situation of the earthquake as the artistes were told that many left homeless. The artistes expressed their sadness and kept a moment of silence for the deceased victims.

Andy chatted with a 75-years old granny, she had been working so hard till she's almost blind as she does not know that it's an artiste that's visiting her.

The granny suffered fractures in the earthquake, she also wept to tell Andy that she had lost her grand-daughter to the earthquake.

Upon seeing how sad she is, Andy also teared as he kept consoling the granny and help her wipe away her tears, he also promise that he would take care of her.

Around 3pm, the group set off to a fire station in Chengdu to show their support to the firemen, they're the first team of rescuers and heroes that went into the site and saved more than 100 victims. Andy and Sammi took the lead to show their gratitude to these heroes.

Sammi said: "The first team that went into the earthquake site to help people with regards to their own blood and sweat, these are real heroes." Andy said: "After the 5.12 earthquake, then I know this is how the firemen in Mainland China are, as they risked their own safety, I respected them."

Lastly, the group of artistes head to the Chengdu army hospital. When they alighted from their vehicles, large group of medical staffs and patients rushed out to welcome them, the situation was chaotic as the medical staffs, patients and reporters wanted to shake hands, took photographs and autographs from the artistes.

Andy had no choice but to shout out loud saying: "Please maintain order, if not we'll be leaving."

When the artistes took turns to speak on a small wooden stage, the 2000 medical staffs and patients kept cheering for them.

When Zhang Guoli shouted loud: "All of us cheered for Sichuan!" Everybody supported together, it was a touching moment. When the artistes were leaving, some people climbed onto the stage to create a chaotic situation. The temporary wooden stage almost collapse. Peace returned after the artistes had left. However they seems sad as they can't bare to see the artiste leave.

After two days of visiting, Andy said: "After visiting the earthquake sites, I now know how serious it was, but the rebuilding progressed faster than expected. I believe Chinese has a strong will in life, they can carry on. What I worried the most is the damage done to the victims' internal feelings. I hope this visit could bring happiness to them."

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao, SingTao News, Wei Wen Po