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| Monday, May 26, 2008

The Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild has mobilize everyone to raise funds for the victims of Sichuan earthquake, Andy Lau was tasked to gathered everyone and also penned the lyrics for the fund raising theme song - Promise, performing in fund raising events and he's also currently preparing to do an on-site visit. However, everything that Andy does still incur allegations and disputes. On the day of the earthquake, the $100,000 that he donated was listed on the charts of donation, with the status of Andy Lau, it's considered a joke that he donated $100,000 as too little. For several days, netizens had been discussing but Andy chose to remain silent. Recently Feng Xiaogang decided to stand out and say a few words for Andy.

Feng exclaimed that the amount that Andy had donated is what he had requested to the artistes as everyone had to donate $100,000 as it can avoid the media of making up a table of comparison. He said: "Some media production are looking at who donate more or who donate lesser, actually donation is a gather of strength from everyone, it's not a comparison of wealth." He added when the earthquake happened, nobody know how serious it was, they just knew an earthquake had happened, it order to avoid people from creating any problems, thus he requested everyone to donate $100,000, this is the figure that everyone agreed.

Andy had always been concern of the situation of the earthquake, on Wednesday 28 May 2008 he will go for an on-site visit in Sichuan. When interviewed by Ming Pao Weekly, he said that he had yet receive the approval notice from Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R., saving people is most important, he does not wish to create any problems for the local organization, when the time is suitable, he would arrange the artistes for the visit.

On the other side, Andy is currently going through professional mental consulting training. He said that the shrink told him it would be enough just to bring entertainment to the victims, he could play soccer with the children, draw with them, do some simple things to allow them to have a humanity feel, because the victims lost their family members suddenly, even losing humanity. Andy said that the visit is not for show, put up a false show for everyone to see, it's rather to allow the victims to know there are still a group of us whom will face the current situation with them.

Meanwhile, Sammi Cheng was interviewed in a 512 Concern Love Action fund raising activity. She was supposed to set off to Sichuan yesterday but she delayed it till 28 May due to traffic problems, she will then set off together with Andy and Joey Yung. When asked that Andy cried might be due to the reports that he donated too little? She said: "Andy had been putting his best for this matter, even if there's areas that he did not do well or enough, everyone please forgive him, during these period there should not be any negative news."

news from: Ming Pao