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| Thursday, May 29, 2008

Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Joey Yung, ATV representatives Joey Meng, Lam Wai Sun, Grace Cheung and TVB representative Bowie Lam, Astrid Chan, Elaine Yiu gathered at the airport around 9 am yesterday as they set off for their on-site visit in Sichuan. Their main motive is to give encouragement to the victims, Chinese army and rescuers, thus all artistes travel light. Normally artistes would wear sunglasses but none wear except Joey Yung whom still dressed like an artiste, wearing sunglasses and carrying a LV luggage.

All artistes were punctual at the airport. After the group photo, Andy immediately walked into the custom. When asked if he brought anything along with him, Andy said: "Not required." He didn't accept any more questions as he said that he would talk more when he return. Some of his fans were at the airport to send him off, some even gave him red packets.

Sammi expressed that they would be only staying for 3 days, she said: "We'll be dividing the work, I will follow whatever Andy instructed me to do, what we were told was to give mental consolation to the victims." She said that initially she would like to bring some clothes and medication but the organizer had suggested that we travel light. When asked if she's worry that she would lose control of her emotion after seeing the victims, Sammi said that she had prepared herself: "I have visited the shrink and he had prepared some notes for us, we know what we should be said and what should not be said, I've prepared mentally, will cry when I want to cry, humans are emotional, but I'll try to smile, if I face any problems, I'll seek help from Andy."

Alan Tam wanted to send off the artistes at the airport, however he was late as when he arrived, Andy and Sammi had already entered the custom. Alan stressed that he was not late but rather wrong information being passed to him by the organizer. He said that he read newspaper reports about Andy donating so little money, Alan pointed out that Andy had done a lot, he had already told Andy not to bother with the reports as how much Andy had done would be known.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po