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| Thursday, May 29, 2008

Around 12:50 pm, the whole group had touched down in Chengdu Airport. Andy, Sammi and Joey did not exit from the normal arrival hall as they exited the airport from the special guest exit, whereas Bowie Lam, Joey Meng, Lam Wai Sun and other artistes exit from the normal arrival hall. All of them did not accept any interviews as they directed set off for their site visit.

After 2 hours on the road, Andy Lau and the other artistes arrived at Xiang Er Village site. When told of the arrival of the artistes, thousands of "warriors" had already been waiting for them. When they sighted the artistes, they all got excited. In order to maintain order, the soldiers used their hands to form a circle to surround the artistes.

Due to the limited facilities, Andy's voice is soft and blur despite using the microphone thus he had to use his body language to express his gratitude to the rescuers.

It can be seen that Andy kept showing his thumb to them, he also raised his fist to encourage them.

When walking around the site, Andy wore his baseball cap in order for the "warriors" to see him more clearly. Andy also sat on the floor with the "warriors" as he chatted with them by asking them: "How old are you, did you get into contact with your family members?" He also reminded them: "All of you are soldiers, we would be depending on you, all of you must also take note of your own safety, take care!"

When interviewed by reporters, Andy said: "From the news coverage on TV, I watched that they kept walking hard, but when I'm here, I'm truly touched by their spirit." On seeing the army's logo, he said: "They're great, it's being tough on them!"

When the vehicle is going to be driving away, many "warriors" went to send him off, thus he stand up and gave all of them a standard army salute.

The next stop that the artistes visited is the temporary lodging area of the victims. At the time of arrival, the victims were having their meals. When two 20-something years old nurses were told of Andy's arrival, they were touched as they cried. When Andy arrived, two female soldiers standing at high grounds were shouting Andy's name out loud. These 2 female soldiers exclaimed that since the earthquake happened at 12 May, they had been stationed there to help the victims. When told of the visit of Andy and the artistes, they had been excited and nervous for a few days as they can finally relax after all the hard work, they said: "Never expected to be able to see Andy Lau here, it's also not easy for the artistes as they came from so far to encourage us."

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