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| Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In recent years, Jay Chou had put more importance in his movie career, other than being an actor, he is also the writer and direct his own movies, since last year Edko Films Ltd finance him to shoot Secret, Jay had become very interested in becoming a film director. Edko Films Ltd urged him to shoot the sequel for Secret but Jay is not interested in a sequel as he suggested to shoot a magic themed film and even suggested to cast Andy Lau in the film.

Since December 2007, Jay had began preparing for this magic themed film, currently he had handed his idea to the script department but the script had yet been completed. Jay had already met Andy in private to suggest the collaboration with him, he also gave Andy a brief summary of the story, it's heard that the chance of collaboration is high because both of them are interested in magic as when they met each other they would be challenge each other with their magic tricks, some of the tricks that Jay know were mastered from Andy.

The reason on why Andy love magic is because he once watches Stephen Fung performed magic tricks for him, he became very interested and seek to learn from professionals, in less than a year, Andy's magic is quite impressive which could match Stephen. When he was in Taiwan, he bumped into Jay and know that Jay himself is also an expert in magic, thus Andy took the initiative to challenge magic with Jay, thus Jay seize the chance to tell Andy of when he had the idea of the magic themed film, Andy's name first came into his mind.

The initial draft of Jay's story is that himself being an outstanding magician while Andy is his instructor, but Andy was not interested in becoming the magician instructor thus he suggested to Jay that it could be a battle between 2 magicians, the story would be somehow similar to The Prestige where both magicians are good friends but they challenged each other in order to become world's number one magician.

As there would be many battles between the magicians, Jay had the intention of hiring American special effects company to handle the special effects, thus the production fee would exceeded the $1.5 million of Secret. Jay is very nervous about this film, if Andy was to agree after reading the script, Jay is willing to cut down his workload and spent more time to prepare for this film.

However, both Andy and Jay are very busy, it won't be easy to accommodate their schedules, Andy whom had film offers coming in as next month he would start shooting the love film directed by Andrew Lau, another Johnnie To directed film follows, it would be the end of the year before Andy could collaborate with Jay. When reporters approached Andy to asked about his proposed collaboration with Jay, Andy had yet answer the question. With regards to Jay's Taiwanese management company JVR promotional manager Ms Cheung answered modestly: "Jay did mentioned that Andy is his idol and hope to collaborate with him when the chance comes, but I had not heard of any concrete planning."

news from: Apple Daily News