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| Thursday, June 26, 2008

There is always risks when buying shares as you have the possibility of losing money. Andy Lau whom always watched his finance well was being picked by netizens as one whom bought shares and got his fingers burnt, worst still is that the hard earned money of the whole villagers was also lost, he let everybody down!

Andy's fans, don't be alarmed as this is just a joke from a netizen. A particular video was found in the Internet which changed the dialogue of The Warlords, in addition added some scenes from Kungfu Hustle, Infernal Affairs, God of Cookery and Matrix, everything is being repackage to a video to poke fun at the current buy shares craze titled Investment Writ (literally translated), it's a funny video used as a precaution for people.

The story narrates in Lau village, Andy and Jet suggested to the villagers to buy shares in order to get out of poverty. Andy, Jet and Takeshi Kaneshiro then vow to earn their first bucket of gold, it used the brotherhood bonding ceremony in The Warlords. As the story goes, the shares that Andy bought bombed and everyone in the village are depressed.

However, the story has a happy ending with Andy decided to turn over a new leaf and earned back all the money as he drove back to the village in a BMW.

news from: Apple Daily News