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| Saturday, June 21, 2008

Earlier Andy Lau was busy gathering people for the fund raising activities for the Sichuan earthquake victims, however allegations got tangled with him as netizens quoted that the $100,000 he donated is peanuts, then he's alleged to stop Eason Chan from joining the site visit, next is he got involved too much in the Artistes 512 Fund Raising Campaign as quoted to snatch the limelight.

After all the fund raising activities, Andy is back to work for his new film. After two consecutive period films projects in The Warlords and Three Kingdom - Resurrection of The Dragon, it made him very tired as he exclaimed that he hope to be in a modern film. According to an insider, boss Peter Lam upon hearing to Andy's remarks, he specially tailored a modern film with Shu Qi whom last collaborated with Andy in The Wesley's Mysterious File as the female lead. The film initially schedule to start shooting in end May but due to the earthquake in Sichuan, with Andy busy with the fund raising activities, the shooting was delayed till June. Last week, Andy was location shooting in Macau.

For the cast of the film, Andy invited Chinese actor Zhang Hanyu whom had collaborated with Feng Xiaogang in The Assembly. Other than the script and casting, it seems that Andy is fully involved in the film.

Less than a week of shooting, news from the script department that Andy wanted a part in everything, a crew member revealed: "Props, costume included, where the camera should be placed, how the other actors acted, he (Andy) would also wanted to control, I don't understand why director Andrew Lau could tolerate him."

On 12 June, the film has its location shooting at MGM Grand Macau's swimming pool. It can be seen that Andy treated himself as the director as he wanted to in-charge of everything, he even wanted to guide experienced Dominic Lam how to act, whereas director Andrew Lau just stand by the side smiling and looking allowing Andy to call the shots.

When reporter tried to contact Dominic to asked him his feeling being guided by a less experienced Andy, his mobile phone was directed to voice mail.

news from: Sudden Weekly