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| Friday, June 20, 2008

Andy Lau had always adored his fans, it is the 20th anniversary of his Andy World Club, close to 2,000 fans around the world gathered at Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre to celebrate this happy occasion with him. Andy also show his support towards the fans from Sichuan.

Andy's international fan club - Andy World Club had been formed for 20 years, a celebration was held at Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre where it allowed close to 2,000 fans from all over the world to gather and celebrate the occasion.

It's as though as a concert as a T-shaped stage was erected. At the opening, a video clip of footage of previous year's celebration before a marching band leading more than 100 members onto the stage with Andy dressed in Western suit behind them, the audience cheered loudly with the entrance of Andy. Andy then join his parents among the audience to enjoy the programs which includes Taekwondo performance, using hand signals to "sing" 'Ai Bu Wan' and performances by clowns.

The organizer also arranged Latin dance instructors Kent Chau and Shirley Ng to perform a hot Latin dance number with the fans.

In such a fan gathering, how would Andy not perform as he sang many songs on the stage as he mixed around with the fans. He sang the Olympic Games song Everyone is No. 1 with fans whom are on wheelchairs. Among those present are fans from Sichuan, when other fans see them, they would shout 'Sichuan Jia You!'. Andy also sang 'Chen Nuo'.

For every year's Andy World Club's celebration, Andy would seize the chance to celebrate his father's birthday and Father's Day with him, this time Andy sang the birthday song with the fans for his father. Meanwhile, Andy's son Andox and Blackie also appeared to cut the cake as a whole family.

Andy also gave away three jeans jacket from his personal collection during the lucky draw, the lucky winners had Andy helping them to wear the jackets. Andy World Club was formed on 18 June 1988, Andy personally presented awards to those 20-years members of the club, they also got to express their feeling of being a member for 20 years. There are also new members joining the club at the night as "mother" Andy presented the membership cards to Andox and Blackie.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, SingTao News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po