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| Thursday, June 12, 2008

Earlier it was reported in a magazine that initially Eason Chan has the chance to go to the Sichuan site visit however he was being discarded by Andy Lau. When asked about the matter, Eason quipped that it was an honor to be on the cover of the magazine with Andy and actually he does not want to comment on this matter.

Eason said that he did thought of going for the on-site visit, however he had not complete his work commitment, he himself not a professional rescuer, he's worried that he would hinder the rescuers' work, if he was to drink a bottle of water, the victims would have less a bottle of water to drink, thus he only donate money and perform in the charity show.

The magazine used Eason's drink water phrase to attack Andy, Eason sighed: "Never mind, forget about it, everybody look things differently, actually when a person want to do something, nobody can stop the person, if you have the heart to help the victims will do."

news from: Ming Pao