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| Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Director Feng Xiaogang had been actively involved in showbiz fund raising ever since the Sichuan earthquake. Now he's planning to shoot a film based on touching stories of both the Tangshan and Sichuan earthquakes, the male leads had been decided to be Stephen Chow, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Ge You, Chen Daoming and Zhang Guoli with many other actors.

Feng Xiaogang hope that this film will urge all people around the world to show love to the earthquake victims, as the rebuilding would take a long time, thus he hoped that the love would continues. As there are many touching true stories in the Tangshan and Sichuan earthquakes, he decided to round them up into a touching film, it's scheduled to start shooting in March 2009, the production fees is estimated to be around HK$5.6 million, it will be invested by Huayi Brothers and Tangshan government.

When interviewed through telephone, Feng said: "I'm preparing for this movie, but I had to finish up with the current films that I'm working on, it should be next year! We're still contacting the actors, as we had not inked any contract, thus I can not reveal more."

news from: Apple Daily News