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| Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Earlier Andy Lau went shooting for a new commerical for Taoti oolong and green tea as he had a battle with children at the beach, however he failed to win against 2 children from Germany thus he surrender. At the location shooting at the beach, Andy played with children from different countries, it's like a multi-national "army".

The director wanted Andy to play with the children, they raced against each other on the beach, after several rounds due to NGs, Andy is already catching for his breathe but the children just refused to stop as they wanted to continue playing with Andy. Before the play start, Andy had already admitted defeat as he said he's no match for them. Initially it's just playing group games but it transform into throwing sand at each other. Andy feel that it rekindle his memories when he was 10-years-old. He said: "I really cannot outplay them, just playing games can transformed into throwing sands at each other, it's been many years I played this way, suddenly I feel like I'm 10 years old again, ha ha ha!"

As the children got excited, 2 German boys lost control as they wrestle with Andy, climb onto of Andy and start punching, pulling Andy's trouser and gave flying kicks, Andy does not know how to handle them as he surrender after 5 minutes.

It's been years since Andy enjoyed the sun at the beach because in order to avoid paparazzi as he loved asking friends to go to the beach before he entered showbiz, he could only swim and go out the sea only during his overseas holidays. Recently he went out to the sea on a friend's yacht, thus got the chance to swim and enjoy the sun. Normally he depended on indoor tanning to maintain his skin color, this time round, he got to enjoy while working thus he brought sun tanning lotion, he seize the chance to sun tan himself while the crew members hide under the shade.

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News