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| Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Earlier Andy Lau was awarded Justices of the Peace Ordinance by the Hong Kong SAR Government, he made his first public appearance as a JP as he attended adidas Specially Made for Beijing (literally translated) exhibition opening ceremony and Beijing Olympic Games one month countdown at Causeway Bay. Among those attended includes table tennis aces Li Jing and Ko Lai Chak, fencing sportswoman Chow Tsz Ki whom had a fencing match with Andy where adidas donated $500,000 to Andy Lau Charity Fund to aid the Sichuan earthquake victims.

Andy expressed that he didn't celebrate being awarded JP as he revealed that several people addressed him as a JP which he could not get used to it. When asked if being a JP is a burden to him, Andy said: "With or without it is the same for me, it's an enouragement to me." Andy is also not worried that it will affect his work, as there will not be a problem to be a villain in films or appearing in films with violent scenes, he said: "It's just acting, it's not related, these are 2 different things." When asked if he will be going prison visits, he revealed that there will be related work within this year, thus he had hired a secretary to help him in such matters, however he had not received any job notice. Andy exclaimed if any detainee complaint to him, he will handle it seriously before considering whether need to follow up, he added: "If the citizens have any complaint, can tell me."

With regards to a Apple Daily reporter refused entry to Beijing to report on the Olympics Games, Andy also heard of the matter, he said: "I read anout it from the papers, if the reporter wanted to complain, can look for me, but I'm not very sure of the whole matter, thus I'm in no position to talk about this matter."

When asked if he thought of getting married after becoming a JP, Andy quipped that JP can get married too, but he would only answer such questions in a later period. With regards to good friend Felix Wong urging him to get married soon, Andy laughed it off as he said: "What he said does not concern me, we talk about this at a later date, I'll call him when I'm getting married." When asked about the wedding of Tony Leung and Carina Lau, Andy expressed that he's unsure of the actual date as he quipped: "I read in the newspaper that it isn't this month, I'll call him, I'm busybody."

With regards to whether he will be attending the Olympic Games opening ceremony, Andy said: "I'll attended if invited, currently I'm not invited, but I bought tickets, if me going will cause a commotion and affect the flow of the ceremony, I would rather stay at home to watch."

In addition, the alleged love nest with alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu in Malaysia had become a tourist spot as someone whom visit Malaysia expressed online that when the tour bus drove past a street along the beach, the tour guide introduce a bungalow with white tower as the love nest of Andy and Carol. The person also expressed that Malaysian addressed Carol as Mrs. Lau, their relationship is already an open secret.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po