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| Friday, July 04, 2008

It was once alleged that Andy Lau will be cast in Red Cliff as Zhu Ge Liang but John Woo deny the allegation and exclaimed that they had already working on a new film.

Director John Woo was interviewed by Commercial Radio yesterday as he expressed that he always wanted to collaborate with Andy Lau due to his performance in Infernal Affairs and A World Without Thieves as his acting had entered another level. He also revealed that he hope to collaborate with Andy in a new film, they had plannings already.

He expressed that he met Andy during the Golden Horse Film Awards, Andy told him that he just need to called him in order to collaborate, they will soon collaborate. With regards to Zhu Ge Liang character in Red Cliff belongs to Andy, John exclaimed that it initially belongs to Tony Leung Chiu Wai but Tony rejected it as Tony is worried that he could not managed all the Chinese dialogues as he just finish shooting Lust.Caution, however later Tony was cast as Zhou Yu and Takashi Kaneshiro cast as Zhu Ge Liang.

news from: Ming Pao