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| Monday, August 11, 2008

Earlier Andy Lau had returned to Hong Kong after performing in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, he stayed at home to watch Gou Jingjing and Wu Minxia compete in the diving competitions.

Andy said: "I've watched them dived many times, they always have steady and good performance. hope they can win the gold medals, if its 2 gold medals will be great, it will be a great result."

Before flying back to Hong Kong, Andy did took some photographs at the The Beijing National Stadium (nicknamed the "Bird's Nest" because of its nest-like skeletal structure) and National Aquatics Center. He expressed that initially he thought he could not go in front of the stage to watch the opening ceremony, he said: "But the organizing committee specially arranged the artistes to watch the rehearsal of the opening ceremony, but we failed to see the lighting up of the torch during the rehearsal."

In the end, during the actual opening ceremony he was standing at the center of the stage of the bird's nest to see clearly Lin Ling light up the torch which surprised Andy. When Andy returned to the hotel from the bird's nest, it already past midnight, although he need to take an early flight back to Hong Kong the next day, but he still discussed the excitement of the opening ceremony with his crew members, Andy said: "The opening ceremony directed by Zhang Yimou is really very exciting."

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Headline Daily