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| Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For Andy Lau who recently "sent the guests" in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony shared his excitement and joy of the Olympics in his website. He also talked about his feeling of the opening ceremony, he said: "The core of this performance is "human", let it begins with me... the securities worked hard for safety, the volunteers also worked hard to maintain order, the directors worked hard for the effects, the performers worked hard for the response, the audience worked hard to show their support, the national leaders worked hard for tomorrow, the foreign national leaders worked hard for China, do you know that all these includes countless of sweat and tears, for all these, everyone can see with their own eyes."

Andy said that for every medals won in the Olympics will touched people, however for those won by Chinese sportsmen would be more excited. Andy took note of the gold medal won by the female karate because the winner is already a mother, he feel that she is just superb!

news from: Wei Wen Po