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| Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love ambassador for the National Paralympics Committee of China, Andy Lau dropped by China Athletics Sports Management Centre on 25 August to pay a visit to the Chinese Paralympics team to show some support to them. The China Athletics Sports Management Centre welcomes the visit of Andy as they thanked him for his close attention to the careers of Chinese disabled athletes and the Paralympics Games.

The representative of the centre gave Andy the Chinese team's uniform at the Paralympics Games. Andy also wrote 'Zhong Guo Jia Uou, Yun Dong Yuan Jia You' (Come on China, Come on Athletes) on a volleyball to show his support to the Chinese Paralympics Games team.

Accompanied by staff of the centre, Andy met up with the athletes of the swimming, track and field and their trainers. He watched them trained and communicate with them, he also took photographs with them. He showed them his support for the Chinese Paralympics Games team, encourage them to train harder to compete at their best condition. He also tried playing gate ball, archery and playing basketball on wheelchair.

The athletes were delighted of the visit by Andy as he is their idol, he had been supporting disabled sports, he used physical actions to show his support for the disabled athletes which touched them. The athletes would like to meet Andy at the Beijing Paralympics Games which Andy had express that he will go to the venue to support the athletes.

news from: http://www.cdpf.org.cn