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| Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Chinese Olympic team had good results in the Beijing Olympic Games, this excites many Chinese.

In a blink of an eye, tomorrow is the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games and it will be also a gathering of mega-stars. Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Emil Chou and Liu Huan appeared together at Beijing Olympic Center for a "Goodbye Olympic" press conference.

Jackie wore a "Olympic volunteer" T-shirt as he lead the rest to distribute flowers and applause those workers leaving the Olympic Games.

The closing ceremony theme song 'Nan Shuo Zai Jian' (Hard to Say Goodbye) will be sang by Jackie, Andy, Emil and Liu Huan, the song is composed by the Beijing Olympic committee head Wang Pin-jiu whom got his inspiration from the opening ceremony where he saw singers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were singing while the audience are exiting, these popular singers had discard their name and fame, waiting for 7 hours for their performance, watching the opening ceremony telecast on a small TV, all the sportsmen stand up to show their respect during the flag raising ceremony, all these images leaves a deep impression in his head.

When reporters asked the four singers whether they watch the Olympic Games, they gave their answers.

Andy said: "I watched almost all the competition on TV, the Chinese baseball team leaves me the deepest impression, although they are not champion, but can feel their love for this sport. They trained for 9 years, but baseball will not be featured in the next Olympic Games, all of them kissed the ground at the end of the competition, this is very touching."

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