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| Thursday, August 21, 2008

The gold medalt winners at the current 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be visiting Hong Kong on 29 August for a 3-days visit. Andy Lau, Joey Yung, Leo Ku and Kelly Chen had confirmed their attendance for the Chinese Gold Medal Sportsmen Gala next Saturday at the Hong Kong Stadium. Kelly and Joey hope to have a chance to duet with "Diving Princess" Guo Jingjing!

The organizer really hope that Andy could attend the gals, as he had already set for an overseas photo shooting and shooting of MTV for his new album in Thailand, thus he's still doing some arrangement for his schedule. His record company spokeswoman Miss Leong said: "Andy had already jetted off for his photo shoot and shooting for his music video, he might not be able to rush back in time."

The gold medal winners of the 2004 Olympic Games also visited Hong Kong to share their joy with fellow citizens, for the gala performance that year, 8 popular artistes performed.

news from: Ming Pao, Headline Daily, Sing Tao News, Apple Daily News