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| Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun was honor and delighted to be invited to perform at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games closing ceremony. She touched down at Beijing 5 days in advance for the recording of the closing ceremony theme song, seize the chance to tour around Beijing to experience the different atmosphere that Olympics brought to the city.

While waiting in the dressing room for their performance at the closing ceremony, all singers' discussion was around the Olympic Games, Paralympics Games ambassador Andy Lau was so familiar with all the competition of the Olympic Games and upcoming Paralympics Games, Stefanie was surprised of the involvement and support of the Olympics from Andy.

As there was still time for them to perform, to kill time, the singers all took photographs with one another to kill time. As both of them was wearing white, Andy and Stephanie took a few photographs together with intimate poses and funny expressions.

After the closing ceremony performance, the singers could not control their excitement after returning to the dressing room as they hugged each other, took photographs together to celebrate the success of the Olympic Games. On seeing Stefanie wearing a red dress, an excited Andy grabbed a red Olympic scarf to take a few photographs with her.

news from: Sina.com