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| Monday, August 25, 2008

The Beijing Olympic Games had successfully ended, many top notch singers performed at the closing ceremony which includes Andy Lau, Wang Feng, Emil Chou, Nicholas Tse and many others performed at the finale as they sang 'Yuan Fang De Ke Ren Qing Ni Liu Xia Lai'. The song brought the atmosphere to new heights as the closing ceremony transformed into a party.

At the backstage area, Wang Feng chatted with Jackie Chan, Andy and Emil about the Olympics. He said: "We discussed many things, we talked about Taipei's Taekwondo athlete Su Li Wen determined to continue competing after being thrown onto the floor so many times, this type of spirit should be the spirit every sportsmen should have."

Other than the Olympics, they also discussed about music. Wang Feng revealed that Andy also seize the chance to ask him to write songs for him as they hope to collaborate in music.

news from: ent.tom.com