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| Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Olympic Games successfully closed two nights ago, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung and Emil Chou whom performed in the opening ceremony but their performance was not broadcast due to time over-run, they were finally rewarded in the closing ceremony as they were arranged to sing and celebrate with the crowd.

The artistes were at the stadium in the afternoon for rehearsal.

When they arrived, their vehicle passed by the vehicle of David Beckham, as they became fans and got excited.

The director of the closing ceremony, Zhang Yimou was there during the rehearsal to thank the artistes from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan.

Andy went forward to congratulate Zhang Yimou the success of the opening ceremony.

Andy said: "The whole group of us arrived early at the Bird Nest Stadium for rehearsal, before the rehearsal starts, Zhang Yimou came to thanked us for the support."

Andy even had a heart warming hug with Zhang Yimou. Zhang Yimou even stayed behind to watch the rehearsal, before going onto the stage to take a photo with them.

Although the program was live telecast around the world, but the appearance time of the singers had a huge difference. The first to make an appearance is Kelly Chen, Wang Li-hom and Rain as they sang 'Beijing, Beijing, I Love Beijing', they were the focus points of the cameras. Wang Li-hom kept walking around to mingle with the musicians, the cameras zoomed in to his movements.

When it's the turn of Andy, Jackie Chan, Emil, Joey, Nicholas, Stefanie Sun and Karen Mok to sing, due to the large number of singers, the camera could not focus on a particular singer. Andy and Emil were standing in the center, thus they had zoomed-in views.

Nicholas and Stefanie were standing by the side, they only appeared on the screen for one second, if you didn't focus hard enough, you would not be able to recognize their faces, Stefanie was smart enough to walk toward Jackie and stand beside him to get herself on camera.

The spokesman of EEG replied in a telephone interview: "Nicholas is glad to be performing, he's not so calculative, it's a great atmosphere at the closing ceremony."

Andy faced difficulties in going back to the dressing room after the performance, as the route required to walk past the other performers and crew members.

They all tried to kiss him, wanted to take a photograph with Andy and asking for autographs as he was surrounded by them.

He was being rescued by fellow crew members to open the way for him to walk back to the dressing room.

In addition, Karen lost her balance and injured her leg, resulting it to bled. Andy helped to stop the bleeding, but he also suffered knocks from other performers wearing tribal costume.

Andy said: "When we were singing, everybody was in high spirit, I discover that Karen was falling, I immediately grabbed hold of her and pull her up to the other side."

At the backstage area, Karen was thankful that Andy came to her rescue. Karen whom was wearing a red cheongsam and red socks, when she removed her sock, she discover that her legs were swollen and bleeding, Andy clean the wound for her and asked the crew member to treat her wounds.

Andy returned to Hong Kong yesterday, a fan wrote a love letter to him. The crazy fan waited for Andy at the airport since 11 am but she went home empty-handed without meeting her "fiance" as Andy touched down at the airport at 5pm. When asked by reporters, the fan exclaimed herself as Andy's fiance, they're in love for 18 years, she even wrote a letter for her "husband" asking the reporters to help pass to Andy.

When asked why Andy didn't bring her to Beijing to watch the closing ceremony Olympic Games, she answered in a serious tone that Andy is in a rush and didn't asked her to to go along with him! She waited for Andy for a while before leaving the airport, disappointed.

When Andy touched down at the airport, he said that he does not know that his "fiancee" was waiting for him.

When asked about the closing ceremony, Andy said that he's very touched and added that although the closing ceremony is not as complicated as the opening ceremony, but with the theme of "human", many segments do excites him especially the segment where the acrobat performers displayed a "jing" character at the center tower on the stage, the incredible and grand performance on the "memory tower".

Andy said: "I'm very touched."

Andy sighed that he failed to chat with Placido Domingo. He said: "It's a pity I didn't see him, if there's a chance I would like to meet him and chat with him." When Andy knew that he'll be performing while the sportsmen around the world party on the field, he said that he hope to see Yao Ming but he failed to see him.

With regards to the 51 gold medals won by the Chinese tea, he's delighted as it is more than the 40 medals that he predicted.

Andy expressed that he would be busy promoting the upcoming Olympic Equestrian Events, he hope everybody will also support it. He has confidence in the sportsmen of Hong Kong Olympic Equestrian team.

With regards to the lukewarm response towards the Olympic Equestrian Events in Hong Kong, Andy exclaimed that it's a pity that Hongkongers knew little about the event, but he think that they will learn about it slowly, it's not as bad as per reported by the media.

When asked if he think that the Olympic Games had come to an end? He said that it had not ended as support for Paralympics Games is still needed.

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