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| Monday, August 18, 2008

Prepared for many years, the Beijing Olympic Games opened last Friday (8 August 2008). Andy Lau whom was invited to be one of the opening ceremony performing artists, he seldom shopped in Hong Kong, he was spotted shopping at a branded shop in Central 4 days before he jet off to Beijing to purchase a nice outfit for this historical moment. Although Andy's performance in the opening ceremony was not broadcast on TV but the outfit that Andy bought is very impressive, let's take a look.

On 4 August 2008, around 3:00pm, Andy whom seldom bought outfit himself wore a causal jeans outfit appeared at a shopping mall in Central, accompanied by 2 male assistant to purchase the outfit for the opening ceremony.

Andy is very serious about the opening ceremony performance thus he can't treat it as a hush hush matter! From what can be seen, when Andy arrived at Central's The Landmark, he immediately went to the second floor Blanc de Chine to pick his samfoo. On seeing Andy walking into the store, the shop assistant immediately brought out samfoo of different designs for Andy to try on.

Although time is precious for Andy, but for the 40 billion audience around the world to see his best condition, Andy spent a lot of time to try out the outfits, thus it seems that Andy does not want anything to go wrong for his performance in Beijing.

After a few hours, Andy finally completed his outfit testing, but it might requires some alterations thus he leave the store empty handed. When Andy was leaving, a twin fans from Mainland China were excited upon seeing Andy and immediately chased after Andy to request to take photograph with him. Andy agree to their request. Andy's popularity in Mainland China is incomparable, no wonder he was one of the invited performer for the opening ceremony.

Although Andy is fully prepared for the opening ceremony, but till the night of performance, his finale performance with other singers became "directing traffic segment", the live telecast signal was cut off before he made an appearance, thus the 40 billion audience failed to watch him perform. Actually to be able to perform at the opening ceremony is one thing to be proud of, thus whether it's being broadcast on TV doesn't matter much!

Other than Andy, Chow Yun Fat, Loletta Chu and Zhang Ziyi are customers of Blanc de Chine. The brand started in 1993, its name is White of China in French as all these years the brand is following Chinese cultural authenticity, this brand is the blending of Chinese traditional into modern fashion, in addition to Chinese culture, arts, history and philosophy. No wonder Andy choose the brand for his outfit of the opening ceremony.

Other than Andy being one of the lucky selected performer at the opening ceremony finale performance, several other artistes also got themselves on the dream stage,other than Jackie Chan and Karen managed to appear on the TV screen before the broadcast signal been cut off, the others like Andy and Joey Yung failed to appear on the screen, for their performance, TVB quoted that the "organizer did not recorded it" thus Hong Kong audience are not fated to watch it, it's a real pity.

news from: ent.tom.com