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| Monday, August 18, 2008

It's the Olympic Games craze in Hong Kong now as sportsmen of all countries compete for medals in Beijing, Andy Lau and Stephen Chan whom were the Olympic Games torch bearer seize the chance to play bowling with Ng Ka Lok and his wife Violet Chow, Michael Miu and his wife, Choi Kin Bong and his girlfriend Natalie Tong at Whampoa Thunder Bowl. However both Stephen and Choi Kin Bong are both lousy bowler which required some guidance from Andy.

From what can be seen, the group of 10 played on 3 different lanes, while Andy and the husbands played bowling, the wives gathered together to gossip, however Stephen just stand by the side looking and occasionally chatted with Andy, Michael, Ng Kok Lok and Choi. Andy and Michael are skilled bowlers as they got strike several times but Choi and Natalie Tong kept miscued, with Choi at a loss most of the time. On seeing the situation, Andy went forward to give them some advice as Natalie slowly showed improvements. It was jam packed at the bowling alley as the artistes appearance attracted fellow bowlers asking photographs and autograph requests. When Andy discover the presence of reporters, he asked his assistant to block their camera view.

When reporters asked Stephen when he would asked Andy for bowling, he said: "Actually when I dine with Andy, Michael called him asking him to go bowling, then Andy asked me to come along." Reporter observed that Stephen didn't bowled at all, when asked he said: "I did play for a while, I don't know how to bowl at all, when I spotted reporters, I stop playing immediately, I don't want to make a fool out of myself." Stephen expressed that Andy did gave him some tips on bowling and sing praise of his bowling skills.

When asked if it's because of the Olympic craze thus he asked Andy for bowling, Michael exclaimed: "I normally also asked Andy out for bowling."

Andy loved bowling, he's nicknamed Showbiz Bowling King as he's bowling buddy with the late Asian Games bowling gold medalist and world champion Sunny Hui, meanwhile Asian Games gold medalist Che Kuk Hung was once the bowling coach of Andy. Andy also took part in several small and large scale competition, he also took part in the selections for Asian Games in 1996 but he failed to qualify after reporters appeared to take photographs of him which affected his performance. Andy had many personal bowling balls at his home, he brought his personal glove and shoes to bowl, he would spent half a day at the bowling alley, sometimes he would asked his best friends Hacken Lee, Jan Lam and Michael to bowl with him.

news from: Apple Daily News