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| Sunday, September 07, 2008

The 2008 Beijing Paralympics opening ceremony was successfully held on 6 September. Hong Kong singer Andy Lau and disabled Chinese Orchestra performed Everyone is No. 1 before the opening ceremony.

The theme song of the Beijing Paralympics were sang by Andy and Han Hong as they were dressed in a black and white combination to sing 'He Meng Yi Qi Fei' (literally translated as Fly Together with the Dream)

Han Hong was the first to sing, she wore all white, her loud and bright voice is stunning, followed by Andy whom is dressed in black Western suit and a bow tie, he won applause when he sang.

As they sang towards the end of the song, they got into high spirits as Han Hong started to dance along to the music beat as she enjoy the happiness and excitement of the music.

The Closing Ceremony Of The Beijing 2008 Olympics Games (DVD) (China Version)