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| Monday, September 01, 2008

During the opening of the Olympic Games, there is allegation that Andy and his alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian will be watching the games in Beijing, the reporter was wondering: "If Andy is trying to make use of this international event to announced that he's getting married?" The answer is "No."

Actually 3 years ago during Andy's 2004 concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, one long haired beauty was sitting among the audience one night, some reporters spotted her and wonder: "Isn't she the alleged girlfriend of Andy?" When discovered that she was spotted by reporters, this lady immediately made an exit for the awaiting vehicle outside the Coliseum, however she stopped running when her mobile phone rang as she had a short chat for around 5-6 minutes at the car park and did not avoid the reporters, some of the reporters thought they followed the wrong person as they returned into the Coliseum.

The media think that Andy would follow the footstep of Alan Tam of waiting for the time to ripe before announcing that he's married, with everyone waiting for his good news, but Andy is still keeping it a secret, so we are still waiting for the day to come.

Thinking back the days of Andy be so popular in showbiz for more than 20 years, there is also first time for him to shine, when he was still a teenager after graduating for the acting training classes, he was still an extra in 1982 when director Wu Xiaoyun cast him in the movie Once Upon a Rainbow which is about the love stories of those in the acting training classes, Andy and several teenage students, he is a student in the movie, without any proper dialogue, despite being an extra, he is also very hardworking.

In Spring 1983, he cameo in Shanghai 13, he went location shooting in Taiwan and fall in love with Yu Kexin, this is his first relationship after entering showbiz. Andy's first appearance in the Hong Kong Coliseum is in 1984 on the last night of Alan Tam's concert when he invited all his best friends onto the stage, among them is Andy whom sang a song, this is the first step of becoming one of the Four Heavenly Kings.

There is another first time for Andy in 1984 as there was a re-make of 'Nan Xiong Nan Di' which required a role of a young hair stylist, Andy become interested in hair styling as he thought that he could be a hair stylist if his showbiz career failed, he invested and open a salon in Kowloon.

Andy keen to learn and hardworking, thus he had a smooth journey in showbiz from 1985, first being cast in Boat People, then for his looks and acting, he was signed up by Golden Harvest. Then, Jackie Chan and Yuan Biao were very popular in Japan, thus Golden Harvest invested in My Lucky Stars which is tailored for the Japanese market, the other actors included Sumo Hung and Rosamund Kwan, the lead roles in the movie were Jackie, Yuan Biao and Andy, on the opening, Jackie appeared first followed by Andy then Yuan Biao, such arrangement is to bring Andy to the same status as Jackie and promote him to the Japanese market.

Andy's popularity raise when he shot The Unwritten Law, then he sang his way to become one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Andy also invested and set up TeamWork to shoot movies like Saviour of the Soul and Days of Tomorrow, however Saviour of the Soul and Saviour of the Soul II lost money, he did some re-planning and last till now in showbiz.

The allegation between Andy and Carol Zhu Liqian never seen to have an affirmed answer, for the career-minded Andy, we should understand and forgive him, let nature take it own course. When the time is ripe, Andy will not disappoint his fans.

news from: Apple Daily News