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| Thursday, September 04, 2008

Andy Lau always hoped to show his support to the disabled athletes without any disturbance, under the arrangement of National Paralympics Committee of China, Andy managed to pay a visit to China Athletics Sports Management Centre a day after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony.

Around 0800 hours, Andy arrived with his entourage, despite slept for only 3-4 hours, Andy still looked refreshing. The guide gave Andy the uniform of the Chinese Paralympics team. The centre had arranged 10 different sports for Andy to witness how the athletes trained.

Firstly, the guide brought Andy to the blind women gate ball team, witnessing these ladies accurately hitting and catching the ball that generate sound. Andy is proud of them as he rolled up his sleeves, wore a black eye guard which masked his vision to try out the game. Never expected that after Andy threw out the ball, it went to the wrong direction and become the opposition team's turn, there was a time when Andy got hit by the ball on his abdominal. Without knowing where the ball is and he endured the shot, he shouted out: "Ah!" before he stand up and quipped: "Who hit me?" Everyone on the court burst into laughters.

Andy then went on to experience wheelchair archery, the athletes did a demo for Andy before the trainer asked him if he would like to give it a try as he said that he had never experienced it before. Andy then went on to close distance of 30 meters with the trainer for a trail shoot, he missed, he went forward another 5 meters for a few more shots. However there was some unhappy situation, while Andy was shooting the arrows, a group of people went forward in order to catch a glimpse of Andy, but his crew member asked them to back off in fear of any accident.

Andy only managed to get a few arrows on target, the trainer sing praise of his shooting for his first attempt on archery. Andy said: "For the athlete to shoot from a distance of 70 meters, it's not easy!"

Next, Andy went to challenge the wheelchair tennis team whom said that Andy played well. Andy quipped: "I initially wanted to show my support to these disabled athletes, unexpectedly they encourage me instead."

In the slightly more than one hour visit, every athletes were delighted of the visit as they wanted to take photograph with him and seek autograph from him. Andy also show his support by encouraging every athlete.

When he returned to the entrance of the centre, he managed to meet Lee Duan whom had won 3 gold medals in 2004 Athens Paralympics Games. Lee Duan came to Andy asking to take photograph and autograph, he said to Andy: "If I win a gold medal, I wanted you to present to me." Upon hearing, Andy said: "Jia You!"

The short visit touched Andy's heart, he said: "Paralympics Games will be as exciting as the Olympic Games, you will see more touching moments at the Paralympics Games, because the undying spirit of the disabled athletes bring out the excitment in life."

The Paralympics Games will open in Beijing on 6 September 2008.

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