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| Monday, September 08, 2008

After the Beijing Olympic Games, the 13th Paralympic Games had its opening ceremony in Beijing two nights ago.

Andy Lau was tasked with heavy responsibility if singing Everyone is No. 1 with several disabled singers, he also sang the Paralymics Games theme song 'He Meng Yi Qi Fei' (Flying with the Dream) with Han Hong.

Andy is very honored to be picked for this responsibility, directors Zhang Yimou and Zhang Jigang specially came to visit him, they chatted among each other as Andy express that he's worried that Zhang Yimou did not have enough rest because he worked too hard.

Zhang Yimou replied that he had enough rest whereas Zhang Jigang quipped that he did not rest. The directors discussed the content of the opening ceremony programs with Andy, this excite Andy and luckily there was a television for him to watch the live telecast of the ceremony.

Although Andy could not walk in and out of the dressing room, but many people came to visit him, it includes the opening ceremony mid-air stunt director Ching Siu-Tung who also came to chat with Andy. Jing Jin whom was the first torch bearer in the opening ceremony, she was touted as the most beautiful torch bearer by neitizen also came to visit Andy. At her first sight of Andy, she said: "I finally can see my idol, I'm so excited." She also took a photograph with Andy.

At 6:30pm, Andy went onto the stage to sing Everyone is No. 1 with Cai Yuzhu and 20 disabled singers, he was welcomed by loud applause. Back to the dressing room and waiting for his turn to perform, he was watching the live telecast of the ceremony.

After watching blind singer Yang Haitao sang and gave a short touching speech, with tears in his eyes, Andy said: "This is so touching, watching all these exciting performances, this Paralymics Games opening is really romantic, beautiful and artistic."

When watching the disabled performers performed ballet using their hands, Andy said: "Very beautiful and they're great." When told that they had hearing problems and trained for the performance for more than 2 months, their hand coordination was taught by the instructor using hand signals. Andy admired the performers.

When watching the Wu Shu students performed, he said: "This is cute and outstanding."

After the Chinese President Hu Jingtao declare the games opened, Andy and Han Hong went onto the stage to sing the theme song, the spirit of the audience in the stadium is high. After singing, he made his way back to the dressing room to continue watching the live telecast.

When he watched Chinese Paralympic athlete Hou Bin lifts himself to the main torch lighting during the opening ceremony, Andy stand up and applause, he said: "I'm delighted to be invited to participate in this opening ceremony, I'm very touched to see it being so successful."

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