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| Wednesday, September 10, 2008

After performing at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games opening ceremony, Andy Lau stayed behind to watch the games and show his support to the disabled sportsmen as he was spotted at the Bird Nest Stadium and Water Cube. In the morning 9:00 hours, he was at the Bird Nest Stadium to watch the men's T36 100m sprint, he used his digital video camera to record the whole contest.

When the other spectators spotted Andy, they cheered him causing a small commotion.

Among all the contests, Andy take special note of Hong Kong 100 sprint representative So Wa-wai, although he did not win the gold medal but he do helped Hong Kong to win a bronze medal, can considered as bringing glory to Hong Kong thus Andy kept applauding for him.

Especially when So Wa-wai reached the finishing point, Andy shouted 'Jia You' for him. After the contest, So Wa-wai ran towards Andy and hugged each other. The cameraman captured the moment and broadcast on the giant screen with the spectators applause and cheered.

In addition, around 1900 hours, Andy went to the Water Cube to watch the swimming contest to show his support for Chinese He Jun, Andy stand up and applause him when he made his entrance. Throughout the contest, Andy kept shouting out to cheer him on, but He Jun only won a silver medal.

Andy had a promise with He Jun in Athens Paralympics Games 2004 that he will meet He Jun in the Beijing Paralympics Games, thus he forgo his work commitments to support him.

In addition, Hou Bin whom light up the Paralympics Games torch during the opening ceremony met up with Andy for dinner as they knew each other when Andy shot the Paralympics Games charity commercial earlier this year when Hou Bin visited Andy.

Hou Bin revealed to Andy that he kept his wife in the dark about the his participation in the opening ceremony, when his wife only knew after watching him on television, because his mission is classified as top secret.

Andy said: "This is really very touching, I feel that many people started to support the Paralympics Games, billions of people supporting the Chinese, this is specially touching."

Andy had been supporting Hong Kong disabled sportsmen for many years, after the Athens Paralympics Games in 2004, So Wa-wai whom had graduated wanted to give up running as he could not cope with working and training, Andy took the initiative to contact him and hired him to do data entry and uploading of photographs to his website in his fan club office.

Andy also allowed him to take time off for his training in order to prepare for this Beijing Paralympics Games.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po, yule.sohu.com

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