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| Friday, September 12, 2008

Andy Lau was at the Water Cube and Bird Nest Stadium to show his support for He Jun and So Wa-wai, all the volunteers working in the Water Cube were surprised of Andy's appearance as all of them wanted to take a photograph with him.

Andy expressed his interest in the fury red flowers specially produced for the Olympic Games. Andy was told of the meaning of the fury red flowers' meaning, every flower is tied into a bouquet of flowers in a cold storage before being delivered to the venue in a cold refrigerated delivery vehicle, the bouquet will only made its appearance during the medals presentation ceremony, all time must be controlled between 6-8 hours.

It is heard that the flowers does not bred in Beijing and it must be delivered early in the morning from Kunming, all the requirement of the flowers are also very strict as it could not be too "fat or thin". Andy is surprised and proud of the florists in charge for the Olympic Games flower. Andy want to use this flower to wish the 2 games be exciting, the Paralympics Games will also be fury red. Being a Chinese, to be able to witness the Beijing Olympic Games in person, the excitement of Paralympics Games and the broadening of Chinese culture, Andy feel proud and honored.

news from: Qianlong

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