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| Monday, September 15, 2008

TVB Jade Solid Gold 2nd Selection was held two nights ago, other than singers that won awards which includes Andy Lau, Joey Yung, Charlene Choi, Hins Cheung,Chau Pak Ho, Ivana Wong, Jade Kwan and Stephanie Cheng.

The cast of the popular drama Moonlight Resonance were also present. To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, Andy duet with Louise Lee Sze Kei 'Yue Er Xiang Ling Mong' (Moon Look Like Lemon), they also performed a short skit.

Louise was there as an award presenter, she expressed that when she was rehearsing with Andy, she does not know that Andy wanted to held her hand thus she kept flinging her hand. She was later told of Andy's intention by her assistant.

When asked if she was mesmerized by Andy when singing the duet with Andy, she quipped: "Nope, I still think that he's too young to be my younger brother, could not be my son either, I still remember when I first met Andy, I feel that he has handsome features, thus leave me a deep impression and feel that he'll be popular in showbiz."

Louise exclaimed that she had collaborated with Andy in a movie but she failed to remember the name of the movie.

Andy won a hits and most popular commerical theme song award for his 'Ya Ye Zhang Dai' (Grow Up Within a Night).

Andy said that he had not been appearing in the program for a long time as he was working overseas earlier, he will try to attend more often when he has time.

He quipped: "I hope that I'll still win an award when I'm absent, I'll try my best to attend every prize presentation."

When talked about So Wa-Wai failure in the Paralympics Games 400m sprint, Andy understand that he had did his best, he feel that the disabled Hong Kong sportsmen lacked of a good training environment and the facilities are not enough, he said: "The foreign athletes are improving, so I hope the government will give our athletes more support."

Andy express that he will continue his concert world tour in Australia in October, thus he would not make another trip to Beijing, he would be "recharging his batteries" in another place.

In addition, Andy was invited by Ivana to watch her concert, Andy reveal as the date falls on his birthday, thus he would support her secretly.

He revealed that he will be coming back to Hong Kong on 25 September to celebrate his birthday before flying to Australia for his concert on 1 October.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

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