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| Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hong Kong athlete So Wa-wai smashed the world record and won the gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games 200m sprint, as his employer Andy Lau was unable to be present in Beijing to witness So's outstanding performance, but he immediately left a message on his fan club website as he sing praise of So ability to overcome his confidence and fighting spirit despite his previous failure, this delights Andy.

In the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games, So only managed to get a bronze medal and ranked sixth in the 100m and 400m sprint respectively, he lost out to Ukraine's Paul Pavlikovsky, but it did not shatter his fighting spirit as he managed to run the 200m sprint in 24:65 seconds smashing the world record and win the gold medal.

As So's boss and always supportive of the Paralympics Games, Andy was one of the performer at the opening ceremony, he also stayed behind to watch some of the competition, but due to work commitments he had to return to Hong Kong thus he failed to see So smashed the world record and win the gold medal at the Bird Nest, but he's delighted of So's achievements as after being told of the good news, he immediately post a message on his fan club website, other than singing praise of So, he also expressed his delight.

In Andy's message, he said: "This gold medal, makes everyone happy, it allow me to rest my mind, because our "miracle kid" did not lose his usual strong confidence and fighting spirit after the earlier failure, "Never Give Up" this phrase had been displayed by all the athletes in the Paralympics Games every day, being an experience athlete competing in the Paralympics Games, this spirit cannot be lack of in So, it's tough enough to compete in four consecutive Paralympics Games, So Wa-wai managed to win a medal and re-wrote the world record, everyone is proud of him, the sports world will also cheer for him."

news from: Apple Daily News

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