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| Monday, November 03, 2008

For the local concert scene, a total of 9 concerts had been scheduled for the next 2 months. From idols, talented, songwriters to experienced singers, all of them are included. These singers included Wong Li-hom, Beyond's Paul Wong and Yip Sai Wing, Jonathan Li together with Emil Chou, Mayday, Tanya Chua, Zhang Zheng Yue and Chen Qi Zhen, Andy Lau, Yu Tian and Li Ya Pin, Fahrenheit and Fong Fei Fei to challenge each other's drawing power!

Other than these singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan, famous foreign singers Rihanna and Kylie Minogue whom also staged their concert in November 13 and 12 at the Singapore Indoors Stadium respectively.

In addition, several singers had already booked their slots in 2009, Hong Kong's George Lam will be having a concert in Singapore on 17 January 2009, Taiwanese Emil Chou and Hong Kong's Liza Wong will be coming in February 2009.

It had been more than 5 years since Andy staged a concert in Singapore, his upcoming Wonderful World concert is anticipated by fans, it had been 100% sold.

It's reported that Andy state his intention of getting married during his Australian concert. He also exclaimed that he brought his girlfriend along, he quipped that he hope the audience will address her as 'dai sou'. However, no sight of his alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Li Qian. Thus, it will be a testing to fans' eyes to check if Andy brought his girlfriend along?

news from: Zaobao