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| Saturday, November 01, 2008

Carol Zhu Liqian had been Andy Lau's "invisible girlfriend" for 22 years, their relationship seems to come to light this year. However for Andy whom declared during his concert that he's delighted to be an idol forever had maintained a "rather be know than be seen" attitude as he kept the woman behind him well-wrapped.

Carol whom kept a low profile is adored by Andy as she had keep her status as "invisible girlfriend" well, thus they went to France for a secret holiday. A reader revealed that that he/she personally saw Andy and Carol in the first class of the same flight to Hong Kong from France on 18 October. When reporter approached Andy to rectify this allegation, his face turned black and refuse to reply, a major difference from his usual friendly self.

When reporter asked if he would be attending the TVB Anniversary Show, instead he question the reporter: "When will it be held? (1 November) Oh?" The TV kept showing this event's advertisement for at least 20 times per day, it's strange that he does not know anything about this event.

Before he was interviewed by the reporter, he was happy during the event as he even dances along with Andy Hui.

Andy stressed that he did not went overseas during his holiday, but it can be seen on the poster for the East Asia - Capital Records poster, he and Sammi Cheng did not attend the photo shoot as both of them did not follow the theme of the concert!

The witness said: "18 October (around 1:00pm French time), I saw Andy Lau and his girlfriend Carol Zhu board the plane one after another. He wore normally that day, hardly will concur any attention, because of the passengers are foreigners, as I like to read gossips magazines, I can easily recognize that the woman is Carol, although she did not have any make up, but she still look pretty."

"I took 2 more looks at her, Carol immediately turn her face away, trying to get away from my sight. The two of them did not sit together, they sat at different rows, they also did not chat with each other throughout the flight. Upon arriving the Hong Kong Airport, Andy alighted the plane without any luggages, whereas Carol alighted the plane with 4-5 luggages, they appeared that they do not know each other."

On 28 October when Andy attended the East Asia press conference, he said that because of the Sichuan earthquake, his original scheduled concert tour in Mainland China had been postponed till next year, thus after completing his Australia concert at the beginning of October, he had holidays. When reporter asked him where did he went for holiday, Andy answered in a rather un-natural manner: "Didn't went to any place, I stay at home." When reporter asked if he watches the last episodes of Moonlight Resonance, he acted as he didn't hear the question. Another reporter asked that he did not watch TV while at home, Andy think for a good few seconds before answering: "I did watch soccer! I also watch The Gem Of Life," he then added another few lines: "Many people around me got shocked as they bumped into me." He's stressing that he did not leave Hong Kong, when our reporter asked him if he had gone overseas, he did not answer as he pat on the reporter's shoulder to symbolize that he's leaving. When he was about to leave, the reporter told him that a passenger saw him came back from France on 18 October, Andy said nothing and leave with a black face.

Actually in the middle of September, Andy did exposed that on his 47 birthday on 27 September, he will leave Hong Kong on 25 September for a holiday then jet over to Australia for his concert, motive is to set up a story. From insiders, Andy set off from Hong Kong to Australia on 2 October, after completing his concert on 4 and 5 October, he leave for Hong Kong with his crew members the very next day, when fans were awaiting for him to appear at the airport, he did not appear, actually he had transfer to another flight to France to meet Carol. Andy chose France for holiday because it is a romantic place, Carol loved it very much, most importantly, there are less Chinese there, even they walked on the streets would not be easily spotted. In Feb this year, someone witness Andy and Carol at Paris Le Bon Marche doing tax refund.

Actually is was common for heavenly kings to be in love relationships, Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok did not mind revealing their love relationships, Andy also did said before: "This type of matters is not something bad!" Thus why is he so secretly holidaying with his girlfriend in Paris?

news from: Sudden Weekly