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| Friday, November 28, 2008

Andy Lau and Shu Qi are a couple in their latest film Looking For A Star, the male is a millionaire and the female is a casino dealer. Recently they were interviewed Men's Uno magazine as they talked about the changes of their mentality these few years.

Andy exclaimed that he believe in luck, he feel that if one is to depend on hardworking and lack of luck, things might not turn out well. He recall those unhappy things in the past, he feel that if just give up on the must-win mentality, understand what your target, it could be the solution when encountered difficult situations. He said: "Take for example that I went into movies from TV dramas, in the end I got myself into the cold storage! Then I went to learn singing, I even help out in my own hair salon, all these are incidents that I least expected, but thinking back if I'm not so calculative, many things will have a solution, among these will get unexpected experience. It's always said that the one to be defeated is yourself, I agreed to this saying."

Andy continues: "The characters that I acted out in recent years, no matter its a good guy or villain, main lead or supporting role, I only looked at whether I did well and not care about others."

Meanwhile Shu Qi exclaimed that her relationship with Andy in the film is what she hoped for love all these years. She said that when she ages, she become very easily satisfied. With regards to the several marriage of female artistes in recent months, Shu Qi said: "Of course I'll envy them, but I'm also satisfied of my current state."

news from: Ming Pao, yule.sohu.com, Wei Wen Po, HK Headlines, Macao Daily News

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