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| Sunday, November 23, 2008

Heavenly King is indeed a heavenly king, it had been 6 years and his first at the Taipei Arena, Andy Lau concert is here, it's also this year's best selling concert in the second part of the year.

At the opening, Andy sang 'Zhong Guo Ren' with the LED screen showing images of the Great Wall. The first words that Andy said is: "I'm back! Did you think of me? Really?" Andy also expressed on the stage: "I'm a bit worried and nervous before I come, but for all of you, I now know that I'm a superstar!"

During the concert, Andy showed off his well-toned abs which is a fruitful sight for the fans. He sang 'Ru Guo Ni Shi Wo De Chuang Suo', 'Tian Yi' and 'Shi Jie Di Yi Deng', the songs which are popular in Taiwan. When singing 'Ru Guo Ni Shi Wo De Chuang Suo' and 'Wang Qing Shui', he didn't forget to make jokes: "If those whom don't know how to sing, you can leave now." Upon seeing the fans got so high, Andy also know how to gain the favor of the fans as he said: "It had been 6 years, I owned all of you, I will return all to you tonight...who is most handsome in this world?" The fans replied: "Andy Lau." Andy made a joke of himself, "It's good to be an idol, I need not to practice my singing, just keep my figure fit, face don't grow old will do!"

Andy also challenge his own allegation as he said: "Should an idol get married? Should an idol have a girlfriend?"

He also quipped: "All of you are so fortunate, I brought my girlfriend along, hope all of you don't beat her up." He then performed magic tricks as he had a hot dance number with the female dancer and managed to change the color of the female dancer's costume.

When singing 'Ben Xiao Hai', he sigh: "More than 20 years ago, showbiz has a silly kid, never expected everybody still support him till now."

Andy's son Andox and Blackie were arranged to appear at the finale, these 2 acted cute as they do leg splits, somersault and acted out the scenes of Infernal Affair, Andox is the policeman pointing a gun at Blackie's head as he shout out: "I'm a good person!" The audience burst into laughters.

Andy's charisma is unbeatable, among the audience were Jolin Tsai and Show Luo. Jay Chow, Barbie Hsu, Wu Bai and Aska Yang also send flowers to Andy. Jolin whom arrived just 5 minutes before the concert started expressed: "I wanted to see the lighting and stage effects, also the dancers." She added that she respected Andy's EQ, she said: "Been in showbiz for so long, his temper is forever so good, he's good!"

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