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| Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recently, yule.sohu.com had inside news that Future Cops had shift its location shooting venue to a theme park in Beijing. Our reporter visited the shooting venue and managed to catch future cop Andy Lau save a child on a ferris wheel.

The story of Future Cop is set in 2080. As solar energy had become the main source of energy for human, the war has no more wars. However for this huge invention had stopped an organization from making profits, thus they start a series of assassination on those people involved in this invention.

Andy is Chow Chi How, a policeman from H city. During his battle with his opponent, he accidentally return to 2010 as he team up with policewoman Barbie Hsu to track down this organization.

Andy's future cop character is like superman, although looked the same as any other human, but he had super strength and could fly.

On that day, Andy is shooting the scene where he battle terrorists in a theme park, the terrorists had destroy part of the theme park's facilities, they are about to throw one capsule which has one passenger of the ferris wheel, people was running for their life. Andy has the responsibility to save all tourists, you can see him carrying the capsule with one hand, and tried to catch the other capsules...

Then he let his hands on the side of his body before flying into the air like Superman. For this few minutes scene, it require a few days shooting, cranks were used and many crew members pulling the wires.

From what the reporters had saw, it's tough shooting in the cold temperature of Beijing.

The shooting attracts many tourists in the theme park, when they recognise that it's Andy in a location shooting, they became excited and wanted autographs from him, the crew members than exclaimed that Andy is not there for the shooting, all along it's Andy's stuntman doing all the shooting.

The reporter took a closer look and discover that this stuntman look exactly like Andy, be it face, body and movements. To avoid any trouble, the crew members just lied to the tourists.

In the afternoon, during the break of Andy's shooting, the reporter found a stuntman that looked really like Andy. From our understanding, Andy did most of the action scenes himself, for those movements of throwing the capsule will be done by the stuntman.

Computer effects will be used for this scene, the whole film would have more than 900 special effects scene. The difficult action scenes were designed by Chan Siu-dong straight after he completed the Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony, with the scientific theme, he would be using computer effects to create these classic action scenes. This film had the chance to become the Chinese film with the most computer special effects in history.

news from: yule.sohu.com