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| Friday, November 21, 2008

Andy Lau will be staging his concert at the Taipei Arena tonight and tomorrow. He arrived in Taiwan tow nights ago, after a night of good sleep, he went for his rehearsal yesterday afternoon.

When he leave the hotel, the hall had many fans gathered waiting for him, they screamed out loud when they see their idol, other than taking photographs with their cameras, they also gave him Taiwan's famous pineapple tarts for him to replenish his energy, however he withhold his "tasteless diet" before his concerts, he only took bland food, he ate vegetable and fruits the night before, he had some Hong Kong style food.

When he leave the hotel, although wearing sunglasses, he greeted the fans with smile and acknowledge the fans presence. He wore the same sports wear as when he touched down Taiwan. On this, his crew member expressed: "He loved to be clean, he bathed a few times a day, of course he will change his clothes." The misunderstanding is because both suit is black in color.

Maybe to protect his vocal, Andy does not speak much for this trip in Taiwan. When he was asked about his alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu, he just asked the reporters not to asked this question. Andy did not do any promotion of his concert, but it still managed to sold out, his box office better Aaron Kowk, when reporter asked him if he think he is better than Aaron, he just flash his mega watt smile before leaving without commenting, He's expected to leave Taiwan on 23 November to continue shooting of Future Cop in Beijing.

news from: Apple Daily News

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