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| Friday, November 21, 2008

The shooting of Future Cop is currently undergoing in Beijing, the film is directed by "high box office" Wong Jing, Chan Siu-dong as arts director, "heavenly king superstar" Andy Lau, Taiwan's popular actress Barbie Hsu and Mainland China popular actress Fan Bingbing in the cast.

The story narrates in the year 2080, solar energy had replaced petrol to become the main source of energy for human, thus the world is in peace as human entered a generation of peace. However, such discovery had become an organization way of making money, thus they used this discovery to start a series of assassination. Chow Chi How is a policeman in H City, he's decisive, cool and his duties is to protect the life of the person whom discover this technology, he time travel to kill the cold blooded killer.

In the film, Andy is the "future cop" whom accidentally return to 2010, collaborate with policewoman Barbie to break down this crime organization. This will be Andy's first collaboration with Barbie, the chemistry of this new collaboration awaits us.

Since Battle of the Wits, it will be the second time Andy collaborate with Fan Bingbing. Another point to mention, Xu Jiao whom had a father-son relationship with Stephen Chow in CJ7 will have a father-daughter relationship with Andy. In addition, Eric Tsang and Jacky Wu would also cameo in the movie.

From the understanding the yule.sohu had gathered, Future Cop will be much different from past Hong Kong police-thief movie, Chan Siu-tong had started working on the stunts that Andy and Barbie going to perform straight after the Olympic Games closing ceremony, with its scientific theme, with the addition of computer effects will give us a new experience. It's understand that there will be a total of 900 special effects scenes, it could be the Mainland China film with the most special effects scenes. The vehicle that Andy and his colleagues are using in 2080 will be eye catching, it will be advanced and colors of technology.

There will be location shooting in Beijing, Hong Kong and Dubai, shooting will end around the Chinese New Year of 2009, special effects post production will be pass to the production team of Dark Knight. The film company expressed to yule.sohu that they are confident of the film's box office, it will be screened in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year holidays.

news from: yule.sohu

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