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| Monday, November 24, 2008

Andy Lau's concert at Taipei Arena had completed successfully, Jolin Tsai was one those among the audience. During the encore, Andy and Andox made jokes of Jolin as they quipped that he date Jolin out in the dark as it cannot be announced else Jay Chou will be angry. When Andy and Andox were busy looking for Jolin, she happened to leave her seat. Jolin said during her fan gathering the next day, "If I'm present, I'll surely wave my hand and scream out loud." She added that Andy's concert is very nice, every segment is exciting.

After being an idol for 20 years, Andy expressed at the end of his first night Taipei concert: "Idols should also get married, if it's the time, the other party will appear, affinity is not yet closed."

Earlier there's a crazy fan Yang Lijuan whom used death to meet him, will it be a fear for him to get married? Andy said: "This is not the problem, when it's time to get married I'll tell the fans, I would announced it online." Andy is also under pressure as when he talked about the fans reaction, he appeared serious and said: "It could be a mental problem, need a lot of time to control it."

The Hong Kong media alleged that she went holiday to France with Carol Zhu Liqian, Andy used work as cover as he expressed that he went Paris because of his concert's props, meet up with his designer and discuss about new film projects, scripts. Even it was alleged someone saw them having desserts together in a restaurant, he still replied while smiling: "I went alone."

Superman Andy always has work on his mind as he love magic, similarly Jay Chou also loved magic, there were discussion earlier in this year's May or June that they wanted to collaborate in a film with magic as theme, he said: "We work very hard for it, when Jay came out with a story, we can start planning."

Andy's outstanding performance in The Warlords did not win him a nomination in the upcoming Golden Horse Film Awards, Andy quipped: "Of course it's bad news, I also want to know the reason from the panel, I've called Jet Li and told him that I hope he will win the award."

"My dancing and singing may not be the best, but I'm the most hardworking," 47-years-old Andy whom has a perfect face, his professionalism to exercise and diet for a fit body cannot be discount, he said: "The body shape is hard to maintain, many things are hard to handle." This kind of sincere will melt all fans' heart, awaiting the appearance of "Mrs. Lau" to take care of this "forever idol".

news from: Xinhuanet, Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News, China Daily Times