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| Monday, November 17, 2008

The tickets sales for concerts in Taiwan in the second half of 2008 had been bad which resulted in several singers canceling their concerts, but Aaron Kowk and Andy Lau's ticket sales had been doing well. Returning to the warmth of his Taiwanese fans, heavenly king Andy had been busy rehearsing his dance and song as he hope to give his best performance to his Taiwanese fans, TVBS gives you a sneak preview.

Even being shy as he need to have close contact with female dancer, Andy still do it as a warm up for his Taiwan concert! Indeed he's a heavenly king as a moment he was have a hot dance number with the female dancer, the next second his dance partners exchanged to Andox and Blackie, from the footage of the rehearsal, it do seems that Andy is refreshed.

Prior to the concert, Andy came to Taiwan for a (non full-dressed) rehearsal, because he wants to give his best to the fans. With the poor concert tickets sales at the end of the year, the Hong Kong stars are making a breakthrough.

The 2 Hong Kong heavenly kings come to Taiwan for their concerts at almost the same time, Andy's concert is already sold out whereas 70-80% of Aaron concert has been sold. In comparison to those low attendance of the Taiwanese singers, some even canceled their concert, the heavenly kings performance is worth 100 marks, no wonder it doesn't matter even they sweat all out during rehearsal.

news from: TVBS News

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