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| Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heavenly King Andy Lau will be staging his concert in Taipei after 6 years, next Friday and Saturday, he would be performing at the Taipei Arena. He has already entered the "tasteless lifestyle" meaning - no oil, no salt, no flour as he live through with HK$5,000 voice opening tea for these few days.

Andy's concert is on 21 and 22 November, tickets had long been sold out. What's most interesting is that for the past 10 years, whenever one to two months before his concerts, he would go through a diet control where he will not eat anything oily, salty, flour and skin of meat. If he does those tight scheduled rehearsal, he will slimed down till the fans will be sad when they see him, thus he made some amendments as he would not touch anything with flour after 1900 hours.

Other than diet control, he would also need to sing many songs during the concert, Andy also has his own secret formula to protect his voice, using ginseng, cordyceps and many other expensive tonics combined into a specially made voice opening ceremony, although each dosage is expensive, close to HK$5000, it can only be drank thrice for each dosage, its really using "lots of money to protect his vocal". andy has his responsibility, he also wants his fans to enjoy his singing.

For his Taipei concert, the songs will naturally be different from the songs in the Hong Kong and Mainland China concerts. Because of this, Andy is having a headache, adding more Mandarin songs is a must, he also wanted the fans to sing along. In addition, a Blu-Ray disc of the concert will also be released, thus the fans has to practice so that they can get High together next week.

news from: undnews

Fearless (Blu-ray)