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| Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Andy Lau will be arriving in Taiwan on 19 November via Cathay CX402 to prepare for his 21 and 22 November concerts at the Taipei Arena. He's delighted that he's able to bring his 2 sons Andox and Blackie along for his Taiwan concerts. Andy said: "When I brought Andox to Taiwan when I promote for my Mandarin album last year, it was his first appearance in public activities and press conference." Blackie was born later than Andox, since then, both of them had been appearing together with Andy in his public activities and concerts. Their popularity made Andy jealous as he said: "Never expected that they are more popular than me. When I was walking along the streets in Hong Kong, I could easily see posters of Andox and Blackie on the stores' wall or display window. Both of them would be going into the photo studio to take some Christmas theme photos soon."

Andy is delighted that he can brought his sons for his Taipei concert, he said: "When they are in Taiwan, I will bring them to taste my favorite rice balls, soy bean drink, plain porridge and my favorite fruits." When asked that he would be on a "tasteless diet" after 7pm, Andy quipped: "No problem, I will just look at them eat."

When asked what song(s) his sons will be singing at the concert, would it be the same as the Hong Kong concerts where they acted out the scene of Tony Leung pointing the gun on Andy's head in Infernal Affairs? Andy said: "I can't reveal too much, you will know when you come watch the concert."

Every year, Andy will have a calendar for his fan club, this time round he brought Andox and Blackie into the studio for the photo shoot of the 2009 calendar, they took a total of 200 photographs. Photo shoot had always been a headache for Andy, but he was delighted this time as with his sons, he do not need to pose on his own as he also allowed Andox and Blackie to pose on their own.

In one of the photos, Andy, Andox and Blackie were seen skipping, they enjoyed themselves. Andy said that despite their huge body size, they are still very agile, he hope that both of them will also have such stamina during the concert in order for a exciting performance.

In another photo, Andy was all dressed up with Andox and Blackie in tie and carrying a rose in their hand, seldom we get to see these kids dressed up so formally. When asked why Andy don't buy a set of clothes so that 3 of them could wear the same clothes, Andy said: "Wah! Their clothes is more expensive than mine, it cost around HK$10,000 to tailor a set of clothes for each of them, they'll buy themselves when they start earning money themselves. But they prefer to dress causally, everybody also like their original look. Having children is not easy, bringing them up is also difficult."

Other than bringing his sons along for his concerts, Andy also bring them along when doing charities.

Recently Andy brought them along to attend the McDonalds World Children Day Bear Bear press conference, urging all to donate. Andy also introduce the Bear Bear T-shirt that he designed.

Andox and Blackie also collaborate with Ronald McDonald House Charities to set up a theme restaurant. Andy had collaborate with McDonald many times, this year he wrote a song 'Mei You Chi Ban De Tian Shi'. Other than these, Andox and Blackie also become main characters of online game, for those interested can check out www.andox.cc

news from: tom.ent.com, udn news, China Daily Times, Liberty Times, Apple Daily News

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