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| Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Soft Hard and Joey Yung performed in McDonald's World Children Day 2008 concert.

Andy, along with his "sons" Andox and Blackie did the opening singing "Mei You Chi Ban De Tian Shi" and "Dao Zhuan Di Qiu", as usual Andox's performance won applause and snatch some "limelight" away from Andy.

Andy doesn't seems to mind about his limelight snatched away by Andox and Blackie as he wished that they are more popular than him because Andox had attracted companies attention for collaboration, but Andy rejected them even before a price was being mentioned.

Andy quipped: "The time is not ripe yet, they had not build an image, thus never thought of how much they're worth, currently they will only attend fan club activities, however there is one electronic company wanted to purchase the image rights of Andox and Blackie in order to release some products, the copyright fees looked good. (So what products will you reject?) I won't accept anything that require them to strip, haha!" Andy denied that he had become the manager of his sons, he said he treat them as his family member.

Andy once exclaimed that he rooted for Ha Yu for the TV King award, he's delighted that he had won the award, but he does not have Ha Yu's mobile phone number thus he could not call to congratulate him.

When asked if Andy had the "itch" to go back to shoot drama serial, he said: "I've a few discussions with TVB, I would like to be in idol drama, if it's an idol drama, it will be bad if I'm cast as a father! Hahaha, maybe should shoot Hong Kong Milk Tea Prince (literally translated)"

When asked if he will be in the cast, Andy raised his voice and said: "What's wrong if I'm one of the cast, but I've not discussed with TVB. (Maybe you are too expensive and the chances are slim?) I'm expensive but the chances are not slim, anything is possible."

Andy whom had won awards in music and movies, less in TV, he sighed: "Nope, I still have not won many things. (If you are in a drama serial, you will have chance to be TV King?) It's not about the award to be in a drama serial. (For interest?) For money."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, Apple Daily News

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