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| Friday, November 14, 2008

Magical Journey @ Harbour City Christmas lightings light-up ceremony last evening, as usual there was fireworks and Santa Claus making an appearance on a train.

Andy Lau, Denise Ho and Andrew Lau were invited guests as they also seize the chance to promote their new film Looking For A Star, but female lead Shu Qi could not attend the event.

On the stage, Andy tried to reveal a joke on his drinking session with Denise but she stop her in time. Denise then later revealed that she went drinking on the night of the last day of shooting, she later create a commotion in the casino but luckily she was not being carried away.

The presence of Andy and Denise attracted hundreds of onlookers. They talked about their Christmas wishes. Andy wrote "Xin Fu" (Blessing) on the star card to wish all Hongkongers will forever live with blessing.

Denise hope all Hongkongers can be more "focus" and "forgiving". Director Andrew Lau wish for world peace. The absent Shu Qi recorded a video to wish everyone Merry Christmas!

Andy pointed out that this is the third year that he's being a guest at the light-up ceremony, he pointed out that in the past he only knew that there are five flag poles there, the mega car mart at Harbour City leaves him the deepest impression, he always wanted to buy a car, thus every time he came would recall some memories.

When the compere asked them about the funny incidents during shooting, Andy looked at Denise and quipped: "You being drunk." An embarrassed Denise said: "This is private matters, let's not talk about these."

When talked about shooting Looking For A Star in Macao's casino, Andy quipped that the staff of the casino managed to see his "God of Gambler 2" image, he said: "Every time they would asked me not to come as they are afraid to get scolding from boss."

Andy was later asked what actually happened to Denise? Andy pointed out that Denise kept getting NG thus the director asked her to drink some alcohol, she just took 2 sip and she became drunk, she than called him elder and asked all around her to drink with her. Andy expressed that he would be in Beijing to shoot Future Cop during Christmas, in between he would jet to Singapore for his concerts. With regards to the music awards presentation ceremonies, it would depend on his time schedule if he could rush back to Hong Kong to attend the ceremonies.

With regards to online news that Mainland China requested that singers could not lipsynch during concerts, if not singer will be fine and no money will be paid for charity shows. Andy expressed that he never collected any fees when doing charity shows. As singing live would not be a problem for him, he would like to have a complete sound system before singing, he stress that he would sing live all the time.

During the current financial tsunami, he was asked if he would be affected if he accept any shows during Christmas. Andy expressed that he would not be affected as other than his concerts and charity shows, he would not accept them. He said: "All my assignments were confirmed 1-2 years ago, I won't be affected, but I'm not sure if there is any after-effects."

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