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| Saturday, December 27, 2008

It was minus five degrees celius in Beijing yesterday, Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing and Xu Jiao were arranged to shoot a heart warming family scene in the studio for Future Cops.

Initially Andy was arranged to bare his chest and Fan Bingbing to wear a tight fitting sleeping robe, but at the actual shooting, both of them were all covered up.

From our understanding, Andy kept to his words as he does not want to show his bare chest. When asked by reporters, he explains: "I don't know, Fan Bingbing did not strip thus director Wong Jing asked me to wear back my top."

For this particular scene, Andy had a "discussion" with Fan Bingbing and Wong Jing in the nanny car for more than half an hour. The initial scheduled time of media visit at 2:00 pm was pushed back till 3:00pm. When Fan Bingbing made an appearance wearing a huge bath robe and revealed just her legs. Andy was wearing a thermal long coat and pants without socks!

In the end, Andy was wearing a singlet and Fan Bingbing wearing a huge bath robe. When both are asked, they said: "We do not know that we need to strip."

When talked about the limit that Andy can go during shooting, he said: "I've a bottom-line when comes to acting, I cannot appear on scene wearing just my underwear."

When talked about his image in the film, Andy said that he would be something like Transformer, he said: "I'll transform into a robot, less my heart and head, the other parts will be robot."

When reporters asked him what's his outlook of the future, he said that he don't think that the technology will be so advance in the future as per shown in the movie, he said: "I feel that the future's technologies will be not so advance, because human will slowly know the importance of natural, cherish ancient living."

When asked if he would have comical performance in the movie, Andy modestly expressed that he does not do comedy well, thus it will leave the job to Lo Kar Ying, "Ru Hua" and Blackie Chen Chien-Chou, he said: "I'm not comedy enough, thus we required so many comedians, I need someone to bring me out when shooting comedy."

Recently, there are many weddings in Hong Kong showbiz, Carina Lau, Michelle Reis and Vivian Chow all got married. When facing the "getting married" question, Andy did not changed his answer as he said that he would not reveal his love relationship to the public.

With regards to the shocking news of Vivian Chow getting married, Andy quipped: "I first hear the news of them getting married before knowing that they broke off a few days ago, anyway congratulations to them!"

In the film, Andy get to time travel, in 2085 his wife is Fan Bingbing and in 2008 his girlfriend is Barbie Hsu, Andy said: "It's nothing when a man has 2 women." He was asked that Xu Jiao is her daughter in the film, thus in real life how many children he like to have? Andy quipped: "It would depend on whether Fan Bingbing and Barbie has time for me."

Wearing back his thermal long coat, Andy was asked of his requirement to be his girlfriend, must the girl be the same as his mother? Andy said: "My wife must be able to accept my working conditions, normally woman would like their man to spend more time with them." When asked if his wife should be quiet or hyper-active, Andy said: "Quiet when outside and active at home."

2009 is the year of the ox, as his Chinese zodiac is ox, he was asked did he went to prayed for peace? Andy quipped: "My parents will help me prayed for me on my behalf, I just have to concentrate on my work."

Xu Jiao was the "son" of Stephen Chow in CJ7, now she's the daughter of Andy, when talked about the differences of two fathers, Xu Jiao said: "Both of them are concern of me, during shooting, Andy would asked me to go into the van to keep myself warm, it was also cold when shooting CJ7, Stephen would asked me to rest in the tents."

When talked about the guidance that both superstars gave her, Xu Jiao said that Stephen taught her the movements of Bruce Lee and some comical expressions, whereas Andy will teach her to get involved into the script.

In addition, Metro Radio music awards was held on Boxing Day. Despite his absence, Andy still won 3 awards which includes Best Original Composed Commercial Song, Hit Stage Performer and Hit Singer award.

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