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| Monday, December 20, 2004

Earlier Hacken Lee invited Andy Lau to record several episodes of Star Biz, Andy brought along a set of poker cards to predict Hacken's luck and the result is that this year's Hong Kong's Most Popular Male Singer award is "in the bag" of Hacken.

Andy claimed that he's good at prediction as he tries to predict if Hacken will follow him to win the Most Popular Male Singer for 3 consecutive years. Hacken was shocked at Andy's action but still follow Andy's instruction. Andy first distribute the cards and asked Hacken to pick one and tell him: "What you pick represent every step of your fate, you chose yourself. Pick slowly, if the card remain is spade ace, then you'll be the undisputed Most Popular Male Singer, then I backoff automatically to give way to you, Haha, if it's not spade ace, then I'll win the Most Popular Male Singer, it'll be you giving way to me, hahaha...."

After Hacken picked several cards with one card remaining, Andy says: "Urgh! I'm going to give out! Haha." He then gave the spade ace to Hacken and says: "Congrats, this is yours!" Initially Hacken doesn't dare to accept and asked if Andy know's magic? Andy says: "Keep the card, hope your new album and year-end award ceremonies will bring you luck! This is not magic but prediction! Haha."

Andy was touched as he immediately quipped: "Master Lau, is it I bring it home and boil it into 4 bowls, don't drink it and place the card under my pillow?" Andy replies: "After you pour the water, you drink abit before distributing to several portions for other singers, it'll be happy for all to win awards, the music industry will be healthy." Hacken quoted: "Friends forever."

Hacken exclaimed that Andy is a friend whom always supported him, never expected that he will use magic to encourage and send his blessing. Whether to retain the Most Popular Male Singer is one thing, he do hope that a best friend like Andy will be forever retained, friends forever.

Andy added: "Of course I supported Hacken! He's undisputed, no matter its this year's result or his years of experience, he's the standard among new singers. If you ask me, I think Hacken will win this year! I'm willing to lose to Hacken! Haha!"

Although outsiders all see Andy to have a huge chance of winning the Most Popular Male Singer again and Mrs Li Xao He openly expressed that she wish to present the award to him, Andy said that everyone just gave him face and he expressed many times that he doesn't mind to "give" the award to Hacken.

news from: Ta Kung Po, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, SingTao News, Wei Wen Po