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| Tuesday, January 11, 2005

After newly crowned double Most Popular Male Singer Andy Lau had calm down his excitment, he immediately get himself involved into the fund raising activity for the tsunami victims, other than fully support of Jet Li's "1 Dollar 1 Charity Fund" plan, he also donated 5,000 of his costume from his private collection for auction.

Newly-crowned Most Popular Male and Female Singer - Andy Lau and Joey Yung attended for the recorded of Jade Solid Gold as they duet the classic James Wong's song 'Liang Wang Yan Shui Li'. Andy revealed that he will donate 5,000 of his costume from his private collection to be auction, however he's more concerned of the orphans, he says: "Many orphans in those countries need to be helped, especially badly affected areas of Indonesia, currently the saving funds might be enough but many children still need to be taken care of, thus must promote this area, I fully support Jet Li's "1 Dollar 1 Charity Fund" plan."

In addition, Andy's concert VCD which had just being released a few days ago is available on the Internet to be downloaded illegally, Andy says: "The movie and music industry had done what need to be done, Bit-Torrent(BT) websites are illegal, but we can't do anything about it. BT websites has no boss, download music and share with everyone without benefit, "sharing" is good, but cutting a slice on a normal businessman is bad." When asked if he feel that the government should enforce new law? Andy says: "Educate the public is important, pity that enforcing new law takes time, for my generation might not get to enjoy this benefit, maybe the next generation can enjoy it."

Andy also added that for certain songs in his previous album could be downloaded at some dedicated websites, he hope that this way will educate everyone to download legally, later he will release a New Year song which has a meaning of 'good things comes into Asia while bad things leave Asia' will be available for fans to download online.

In addition, Andy was interviewed on Commercial Radio yesterday, when asked which award that he wish to win? He says: "Golden Hit Song, but TVB has treated me very well, presenting 2 male singer award to me, I was so happy that night that I wanted to cry."

With regards to Chapman To intention to get married and looking for sponser for his wedding banquet, Andy express that he doesn't mind sponsering. When asked if he'll follow Chapman's footstep, he says: "Never thought of it, of course not, (any feelings after the tsunami?) it seems very far but actually it's very near, what Jet say is very true, should take the courage to do what you fear to do in the past."

news from: SingTao News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po