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| Thursday, January 06, 2005

With regards to Yu Ke Xin's kiss and tell of their past relationship, Andy Lau insist not to comment, however when bump into enemy - CCT Telecom's chairman Clement Mak's son Juno Mak, he didn't avoid nor embrassess nor show black-face and become "Mr. Friendly" as he wanted to shake hands with him to become friends.

On New Year Eve's Times Square RTHK "Top 10" Singers countdown activity, no matter if it's the singers' performance or seating arrangement, it's impossible that Juno and Andy will bump into each other.

The organiser arranged Andy to arrive 10 minutes early as the cheque presentation guest of the tsunami donation. At the same time, Juno whom wore a super thick sweater, he stationed himself at the building's entrance cum exit as refuse to leave after finish singing and being interviewed, seems to be waiting for his chance.

Meeting face-to-face, Andy smile while Juno acts foolish.

After the cheque presentation ceremony, Andy was led by his assitant to the backstage area and get to meet the loitering Juno. Everything seems avoidable, Andy wink at Juno with both assistants seems lost and surprised. When walking past Juno, Andy suddenly let out his hand obviously wanted to shake his hand to say hi. With the Best Actor taking the initiative to shake his hand, Juno whom claim that Andy is his idol gave no response as he gave a foolish smile.

A "handshake of regrets" as his assitant stop his friendly action and immediately rushed Andy to walk away.

Beside a sensible Andy, his assistant on the right was stunned, while the assistant on the left was in time to "stop" the shake which leads to Andy's unsuccess in handshake with Juno.

Actually in 2002, Andy and Juno once took a photograph together for show that they're in best of relationship; however 2 years later, history repeats but ends in embarrassment, since Andy gentlemanly bare no grudge, why Juno still stand so firm!

In 2002, Clement Mak's CCT Telecoms collaborate with TeamWork to get listed but has disagreement and their relationship turns sour. The matter result into a lawsuit, Andy and Juno took a photograph together after some pushing around.

news from: Next Magazine