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| Friday, January 07, 2005

Apple Daily News begins its Love Auction at http://www.life.atnext.com/donation , to raise funds for the victims of tsunami thus the funds collected will be transferred to the South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Fund.
Several artistes had gave their response, Andy Lau whom won the Best Actor awards last year at Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Award had decided to donate the white and black suit that he wore when he collected the awards, the starting bidding price will be HK$6,800. Andy revealed in a telephone interview: "I believe that I wore these 2 suits during my luckiest moment last year, thus it bring me luck, hope the good luck can be passed to a caring person and hope it spread as people around the world can live peacefully, victims will get out of difficulties soon, a lucky year in the new year."
news from: Apple Daily News