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| Monday, January 10, 2005

Andy Lau broke the 20 years record of TVB's Jade Solid Gold awards as he won both the Asia Pacific and Hong Kong Most Popular Male Singer and it clarify the allegation that TVB will distibute the awards, even the new "4 Heavenly Kings" admit defeat.

2004 could be considered as the most fruitful year for Andy no matter its music or movies as he won several awards. On previous night's TVB Jade Solid Gold awards, he won both Asia Pacific and Hong Kong Most Popular Male Singer, all onstage and backstage were excited as they cheered and applaused, thus giving him recognition and never disputed the results. Andy hugged with other singers to thank their appreciation.

During the celebration dinner, he appeared more calm as he exclaimed that it proved that by not giving up, everything that are lost can be reclaimed, he also hope that this luck can be spread to the victims in South-East Asia as those could reclaim their loved ones. He express: "I'm both delighted and surprised, nothing is impossible in this world, most importantly is don't give up, I thought it's a happy ending when I won the Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer, when I also won the Most Poular Male Singer, I feel that I reclaim what I lost, unexpected it, actually many people loved me, hope this piece of luck could give others, especially the victims in S.E Asia."

When Andy collect the Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer, 3 Tigers Miu Kiu Wai, Wong Yat Wah and Tong Chan Yip asked Andy: "Why it's just Asia Pacific?", Andy in terms console them that it's already very good to win the Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer as he said that they're here for him and they had seat there for him the whole night.

Andy's capture of the 2 awards, remarkably Hacken Lee, Andy Hui, Leo Ku and several others "arch rivals" all sing praise that he deserve the awards. As Hacken hug with Andy while Leo, Hui and Edmund Leong applause in support.

Hacken hug Andy and said to him onstage : "Bad child, never tried that!" As Hacken had left when Andy arrived at the dinner, as he was not told, he kept looking for him, when told that Hacken had left and asked him to treat him to bowling, he said: "I'll treat him, every year or day also can! Losing to him during the bowling game also no problem! Ai ya! He had left? Every year I took photograph with him at the dinner, I yet to do it this year!" As both are best of friends, Andy doesn't mind giving half of the award to Hacken to share with him thus he leave a message on Hacken's phone: "Hacken, I'll go home and break the Most Popular Male Singer into 2, one half for you, waiting for you to collect!"

Hacken exclaimed that he's willing to lose to Andy and even to other singer, he feel happy for hi as he create the miracle in JSG. Hacken said: "It's not good to be in competition, as a friend, I feel happy for Andy, unable to won the Most Popular Male Singer award this year, I try to look at my performance again."

Hacken also tipped him to win the Media Award as he had won 13 awards in 3 music award ceremonies. When asked if he's confidence of winning it, he answered with a satisfying look: "I don't dare to say that it's "enough", if I can "win it"! Of course I wish I could! With the beginning of the new year, it's a new chapter, I'll continue to work hard next year and not disappoint the fans whom supported me. I still have many awards yet to win, I'll continue to forward, Eason will be back next year, the music industry will be more exciting, hope all singers will shine together."

Vivian Chow whom wore a low-cut blouse to present the Most Popular Male Singer was asked if she wish to present the award to her best friend Leo, she says: "Nope, everyone is my best friend, Hacken, Andy Hui are also my best friend. Andy derserve the award, I'm happy for him, in my eyesm he's a superman, very hardworking, he doesn't seems to sleep for so many years, everyday working, thus I'm proud of him. If I'm as hardworking as him those years, maybe I could win some awards."

Andy's fans were far more excited as they waited for their idol at outside the celebration dinner venue and his apartment. Andy and other singers took the organiser's arranged mini-bus to the hotel for the celebration dinner. Some 500 gather outside the celebration venue. Due to the crowd, Andy could not open his car door for 15 minutes and had to rely on 3 crowd control vehicle, more than 10 policemen to block half the street with barricade and addition to some 10 security guards from the organiser in order for him and other singers to align from the bus.

Although it's almost 2:00AM after the celebration dinner, more than 100 fans came prepared with champagne, presents and cake were waiting outside his apartment, he use water in place of alcohol to celebrate with the fans to minimise the poping sound of the champage to prevent causing disturbance noise to his neighbours whom should be sleeping. Surprisingly one of his neighbour hang banner which wrote "Congratulate to megastar Andy Lau, reclaim what's lose, forever number 1" outside their house which delight and surprise him. Andy also align from his car to cut cake with his fans.

With the outstanding results, Andy initially decided to treat all 40 employees for holiday in Thailand from his own pockets after all the music award ceremonies, although the earlier tsunami, Andy and his employees still set for Thailand as they could also help out their tourism which is also another way of helping its victims. Andy says: "Initially we thought of changing to Singapore but later we feel that Thailand still has lots of places of interest, I'll go to Bangkok to relax after a year of work. Actually other than those victims in the tsunami, the tourism is also badly hit, I believe this also need supporting, also the orphans, hope there are more guardian to help them to grow up normally and happily."

Other than winning many awards in Hong Kong, he also awarded "Most Worth It Actor" in Mainland China's Sina.com which he'll be collecting next week in Beijing. With all the ongoing fund raising activities, looks like his Thailand trip will be delayed till after the Chinese New Year.

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